Shipping and return policies for Michael Brückner

Shipping Info
CD-Rs are not "in stock" but will be produced individually "on demand"; I'll try to do that as soon as possible, but since this is just the smallest home business, the time until it arrives at Your place might vary. As far as experiences go so far, it's between three days and three weeks, but usually about a week, depending how busiy I am, and where You live...
Return Policy
This is a small, private business, therefore warranty of the CD-Rs is limited.

I won't take back CD-Rs if You changed Your mind.

If the CD-R, case or cover arrives at your place damaged, please inform me, and I will replace the damaged part(s).

Assuming You will use the CD-R in an appropriate way, if it doesn't perform correctly anymore within the first year after purchasing it, I will replace it.

That's all, so far...