100 Million Miles Under The Stars - The Supplementary Volume

by Michael Brückner




This is all of the material that was recorded during the sessions to my 100th album "100 Million Miles Under The Stars" (released on the German electronica label SynGate earlier in 2012) but NOT contained in the main release.

Both albums together form - to borrow a popular term for my own use - an "immersion" set, if ever ther was any...more than 6 1/2 hours of music.

(Some more detailed info and remarks see below, but first...)



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To qualify for the discount, You have to provide evidence (one way or another) that You already own the original release - a bit inconvenient, I know, but I hope You understand (...at least it saves You 9.- EURO).
I don't have a complete list of who already bought the main release, as there are several lanes of distribution, which all are not in my hands...

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Please also note:
Some of the tracks don't contain audio - I just used these titles to divide the whole bunch of tracks into several sections (see below, I just mention in case You wonder why You get six tracks less after the download..).



During the sessions for "100 Million Miles Under The Stars" a lot of additional music was produced and recorded.

However, many of these tracks are just as good as those which ended up on the album - it was rather a question of which tracks best form "a whole that's bigger than the sum of it's parts".

Also, I asked several "test listeners" (in who's good musical taste I trusted) for their impression, and there was a number of tracks which were favorited by most, so these were preferred when I considered which to take and which to leave...

However, instead of keeping the rest of the tracks for seperate projects, I soon decided to release them a while after the release of the original album, as a supplementary volume - because to me, the music is connected, and comes from one and the same "wave of inspiration", maybe just showing different sides of what I was concerned with at the time.

This release is my largest ever, containing more than five hours of music (for the larger part different tracks than on the main album, the rest are variations or alternative mixes/versions).

For Your convenience, I have ordered the material in several sections that seemed to make sense. Most of them also would fit on a CD(R), that way forming one CD of a 5 CD set, if You would burn them...

For better reading, I will line out the structure again here more clearly:

SECTION 1: Lively and Sequenced

1. Tomorrow Starts Today (Version 2) 08:43
2. Flicker 11:33
3. Birds In A Blue Cage (Pure Version) 08:07
4. Fly He Said (Disciplined Version) 11:23
5. Shut Your Eyes And Walk 24:53
6. Those Who Left Were Right 11:48

----------------------------- (End CD 1 - 76:27 min)

SECTION 2: Slightly Dark and Sequenced

7. Werchnaja Psychma 11:30
8. The Shiao Principle 13:27
9. Tomorrow Starts Today (Version 1 - Mix 3) 08:30
10. Last Glimpse Of The Sun 11:56
11. Birds In A Blue Cage (Berlin Version) 08:03
12. This Dark Mirror 23:52

----------------------------- (End CD 2 - 77:18 min)

SECTION 3: Odd Tracks (stuff that didn't really fit in, stylistically)

13. Unused Intro (Mix 2) 02:14
14. This Fading Memory (Part 1) 02:20
15. This Fading Memory (Part 2) 01:34
16. This Fading Memory (Part 3) 02:16
17. This Fading Memory (Part 4) 01:46
18. Fly He Said (Psychedelic Version) 13:52
19. The Day You Left 02:43
20. Dwelling 03:39
21. Farstein 10:28
22. Birds In A Blue Cage (Wild Version) 07:56
23. Lunatic Gamut 12:42

SECTION 4: (More) Alternative Versions and Mixes

24. Memo For Nemo (Version 2) 12:13

----------------------------- (End CD 3 - 73:43 min)

25. Waves Are Chasing The Wind (Just Synth Version) 13:20
26. Cycle Of Fire (Ambient Version) 11:23
27. Tomorrow Starts Today (Version 1 - Mix 2) 08:17
28. Birds In A Blue Cage (Rich Version) 08:07
29. Memo For Nemo (Version 1) 12:49

----------------------------- (End CD 4 - 54:46 min)

30. Cycle Of Fire (Pure Version) 12:36
31. Birds In A Blue Cage (English Horn Version) 08:07
32. Tomorrow Starts Today (Version 1 - Mix 1) 08:12
33. Unused Intro (Mix 1) 02:14
34. Memo For Nemo (Victor's Mix) 18:22

----------------------------- (End CD 5 - 49:31 min)

All tracks were conceived, composed, produced, programmed and/or performed by Michael Brückner, using a Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer and a Korg Z1 synthesizer (both hardware) in the first place, and a wide variety of software synthesizers, samplers and other sound sources in the second, and also some voices and vocals, and a Jew's harp...

Guest musicians:

Cäcilia Brückner: vocals on "Dewlling"
Steffen Brückner: guitars on "Fly He Said" and "Farstein"

Further "editorial" remarks:

- Even if some titles suggest something different:
Sections 1, 2 and 3 contain NEW and DIFFERENT tracks (23, with a running time of 3 hours and 35 minutes).
Some tracks have identical (main) titles ("Tomorrow Starts Today", for example), and also they have some elements in common and were "alternitive" realizations of the same basic idea, YET they have so much differences that in effect we can speak of different pieces of music here.
There is only one exception: if You belong to the 19 happy people who own the limited edition of "100 Million Miles..." that was sold at the RaumZeit Festival in 2012, of course You already know "The Shiao Principle".
However, here in the Supplementary Volume, even this track is two minutes longer (it had to be shortened in order to fit on the original CD-R release...).

Alternate versions of already familiar tracks really start with Section 4, and even here, the differences in many cases are significant (yet in some few also more subtle...). There are 11 titles, running 1 hour and 56 minutes.

- Obviously, the sheer number of tracks could be ordered in a variety of ways, and while with most albums I insist on the importance of listening (at least once) to the titles in their prescribed order, here I say:
please feel free to "roll Yer own", if You like (You'd do that anyway, don't you?).
Still, my suggested list is the most satisfying arrangement I could find.

Perhaps it would make more sense, though, to end CD 3 with "Lunatic Gamut" and place "Memo For Nemo (Version 2)" at the start of the next one. Then the sections would completely correspond with the physical CDs. But if You do that, You couldn't avoid to have at least one CD with two versions of the track, which I personally thought not to be so sexy...

- It's also possible to get a physical version of this volume, on CD-R, if You prefer that. Please contact me via PM if You are interested...

- I hope You enjoy this. LET ME KNOW!!! :-)

- Play it LOUD!!!!!!!!


released August 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Brückner Mainz, Germany

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, later settled down near Mainz.

Earns a living as a graphical designer.

Ambient and other electronica since 1992.

Accumulated an extended back catalogue (more than 90 albums by end of 2011, number still growing).

Since 2007 offers his music in the internet, via the usual platforms.

Sometimes gets reviews + airplay.

Very rarely plays live.

More is to come...
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