Five Years Ago

by Michael Brückner



First of all: please note that this is NOT electronic music, neither is it ambient of any kind, it's just me improvising on a piano, partly in a slightly "jazzy" way. *

Filing through my archives this morning (looking for something completely different...) I stumbled upon this recording of a piano improvisation which I played some day in 2009 - and then had completely forgotten about.

It's actually one improvisations of (I guess) hundreds that I have played since when I've started to record may own music back in 1992; however, as I'm not at all an accomplished piano player, I rarely ever recorded these noodlings, nor did they often find their way on any of my albums.

Then again, on listening to this recording today, I actually thought it's quite listenable and definitely one of my better improvisations - so here we go...

The bigger part of it now is improvised, just on the spur of the moment, near the end however, as was my habit then, I closed my noodlings with the only "proper" piano composition I have written so far, a fairly simple (but hopefully still quite nice) little ditty called "Romantic Fool". Here I played it rather fast and almost didn't mess it up...

Plese note that this is (basically) a FREE giveaway - meaning You can just type in zero in the "name your price" field. You are cordially invited to do that!

* ...OK, so it IS actually a (humble) sample based electronic piano (my wife's one, to be specific...), but sounding fairly realistic, and with a real piano keyboard and pedals.
My wife also used to own a wonderful Yamaha baby grand piano on which I used to play a lot, however we had to sell it when we moved to a smaller appartment a few years ago.


released July 18, 2014




Michael Brückner Mainz, Germany

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, later settled down near Mainz.

Earns a living as a graphical designer.

Ambient and other electronica since 1992.

Accumulated an extended back catalogue (more than 90 albums by end of 2011, number still growing).

Since 2007 offers his music in the internet, via the usual platforms.

Sometimes gets reviews + airplay.

Very rarely plays live.

More is to come...
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