Days In The Sun

by Michael Brückner

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In late 2005 / early 2006 three things came together that turned out to be game changers for me and ultimately made me leave my bedroom producer shell for good (or as good as I managed to) and also led (among other things) to the recording of „Days In The Sun“ in 2008:

First thing was that I believed I might be terminally ill (…I seriously did - fortunately that wasn’t the case so far, as hindsight showed).

Second thing was that a little sentence that Klaus Schulze’s friend and publisher Klaus-Dieter Müller wrote in his biography enraged me (I calmed down in the meanwhile, though…).

These two things triggered my decision to finish all those projects that up to that point still slumbered in my archives and put all my music in one huge CD box entitled „No Single Single“ - which turned out to contain 85 albums in the end (I had started with about 20 and believed I would end up with 40). Of these boxes - prototypes rather - only three were built in the end (the actual box was hand made of strong cardboard). It took me over a year to accomplish that, and I worked on it ceaselessly day and night whenever I had some spare time, until at the end I nearly broke down and my marriage was actually in serious danger.
But I could claim that I - a musician no one ever had heard of - had been able to produce 85 (hopefully decent) albums in 15 years (which I considered then to be a quite respectable feat).

I didn’t forget the third thing - actually a friend very patiently (and very insistingly) persuaded me to start to post about my music in social networks, to find listeners (something that I actually never had considered before, because I distrusted the internet…).

Which eventually brought me in touch with many listeners, musicians and other good people. It also turned the immense effort to create the big CD box rather redundant, with hindsight…

Anyway, in the summer of 2007 I was still very exhausted from my year long struggle with „No Single Single“ and also desperately needed to dedicate more time and attention to my loved ones again - so I made a break from producing new albums, that actually effectively ended in 2011.
OK - later I released some (now) albums which were recorded in that period. But at the time I recorded them, there were no plans to release them in album shape. I thought it was OK to still do some music from time to time, but - if at all - I „released“ that on the player of my Myspace profile, or in a few other spots - for example I had a „series“ I (jokingly) entitled „Sequenz und Konsequenz“; new „issues“ of this series were posted in irregular intervals on a blog that had a hand full of followers.

Now, I had that habit of sometimes composing music for friends, as a gift, trying to adopt the style of music these friends preferred. Well, I admit that it also often was a little challenge I put to myself - like an exercise, to see if I was up to it…

And in case of the material that, finally, turned out to be „Days In The Sun“, I had intended the music as such a gift for one of my oldest online friends, Simone Shannon (who the album is dedicated to). Simone used to be an excellent producer of elegant electronica in her younger years, but later decided to concentrate more on visual art. Anyway, back in 2007, she was very much into a (as far as I know) well known electronic / dance project named „Venetian Snares“ - and I (to some degree) attempted to emulate the sound of one or two tracks by them that Simone had shared online (…other than that, I’m still completely uninitiated what Ventetian Snares sound like and never even knew if those two tracks represented how these guys usually sound like).

Well - that was *one* source of inspiration, but I guess I also had some of Simone’s own music in mind. And probably some other stuff that I forgot about in the meanwhile (which is not so important after all, because usually I end up somewhere else than intended anyway whenever trying to emulate anyone; not that I tried that a lot of times, though…).

In addition to be a „gift“ as described above, in fact this music also originally formed part 8 of my „series“ Sequenz & Konsequenz - actually the last (proper) part of it (there followed one or two more, mainly with improvised music, but at that point I had somewhat lost interest in presenting new music in this „format“ and slowly started to go on to other things…).

Anyway - all in all I was so pleased with the result, that soon after putting it online in my little blog, I decided to turn it into a „regular“ album…

Anything else to add…?

The album is unusually „vocal-heavy“ for my standards, some tracks being almost regular pop songs; I remember especially one occasion when singer Cilia di Ponte was spontaneously available - at that moment, I had unfortunately no (own) lyrics at hand, and not wanting to miss the (rare) opportunity, I took refuge in what I believed to be one of the rather rare, old albums in my collection and gently borrowed some lyrics I liked and thought to be suitable (since at that moment I had no plans to ever release this as an album - and also in 2008 still never expected to have any big audience to speak of - this didn’t seem to be a big crime at that time…).

In two other places I also stole short bits from other old albums (or in one case an interview rather). But since I modified these beyond recognition and the tracks as such can well stand on their own even without these additions, I’ll get away with that, hopefully… ;-)

Finally, this album (like a few others) contains one of my short poems (so at least *some* lyrics of my own…).

* * *

I once picked a flower
In the garden of delight
But sweet turned to sour
And day turned (in)to night

I can still sense
Her fragrance, her voice
Why did I pick her?
I had no choice…

* * *

This album is dedicated to my good old friend Simone Shannon (and just in case anyone might wonder: no, she's not the flower from the poem above - still calling her a flower - for example - would be rather suitable, I guess... ;-) ).



released June 1, 2008

Michael Brückner: synthesizer, keyboards, electronics, programming

Cilia di Ponte: vocals on tracks 1, 3 and 8
Anna die Ponte: vocals on track 7

Anonymus celebrities: lyrics of track 3, vocal sample on track 5 and voice sample on track 8 (see if you can guess who it is... ;-) )



all rights reserved


Michael Brückner Mainz, Germany

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, later settled down near Mainz.

Earns a living as a graphical designer.

Ambient and other electronica since 1992.

Accumulated an extended back catalogue (more than 90 albums by end of 2011, number still growing).

Since 2007 offers his music in the internet, via the usual platforms.

Sometimes gets reviews + airplay.

Very rarely plays live.

More is to come...
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