A Slow Walk Through Clear Air (Sequenz und Konsequenz I)

by Michael Brückner



A. General Introduction and "History Lesson"

The main body of the music contained in this release has (for a short time) been available earlier; actually, it was posted in one of my blogs on my old MySpace page, as the first part of a series entitled "Sequenz und Konsequenz".

I started this little side-project somewhere around late 2007, as an outlet of spontaneous music, and maintained it until summer 2008.
There were eight parts, each one remaining online until replaced by the next. Part eight turned out to be so well-received that I decided to turn it into a "regular" album, resulting in "Days in the Sun".
Soon after, a couple of ill-concieved changes to MySpace eventually led to the decay of that platform's popularity, and especially with the blogs removed to a hidden corner, it didn't seem to make sense to continue the series.
However, there were still some 'minor parts' added later - mainly improvisations to bridge the waiting time until "Part 9" (which since then is lying dormant and unfinished on my hard disc...).

When I recently re-listened some of the original episodes, I felt large parts of the material are interesting enough to justify a proper release. So here we go...

I decided to give each of the original parts it's own title this time, while displaying it's origin in a subtitle.

Since all the Episodes were quite different from one another, each release will also have it's individual shape and structure.
They will have one thing in common though:
- all Episodes will be remastered and, if possible and necessary, remixed
- all releases will contain a wealth of additional tracks and/or variations, to (hopefully) make them interesting even for those (few) listeners that followed the original series back then...

B. About this specific release:

Produced shortly after some extremely stressful months, throughout which I had produced my mammoth promotion CD-Box "No Single Single" (which is another story altogether), the music of "A Slow Walk in Through Bright Air" is for the most part quiet and introspective, dominated by rather abstract, still friendly soundscapes, only now and then interrupted by some rythmic or dissonant interludes.

When I listened to it a while ago, in search for a proper title, I glanced through my window out into the sunshine of a bright late winter/early spring day, and saw myself in my imagination as some convalescent patient taking his first walk after a long illness through a rural landscape, the beauty of which is contrasted by first signs of industrial architecture invading the pastoral idyll...

I feel that this first episode works well as a cohesive "suite" which is "larger than the sum of it's individual parts", so I chose to present it in it's original state, as one long, continous mix, only slightly enhanced by some subtle EQing...

However, I had to find out that this original version suffered some (really minor) production flaws which had escaped me the first time round, and since only the final mix had been archived, I wasn't able to completely eliminate them (perhaps due to a lack of sound engineering skills...).

To make up for this, I decided to add a second, modified version of the "suite", where the flawed sections were replaced by new recorded ones.
In addition - and to make an alternative version more interesting - I decided to also add three new recorded pieces and to introduces also some (subtle) changes to some of the remaining parts of the original music (some voice loops here, some chord pads here, also shortening one or two parts to make them more "to the point").
Also I decided to cut the large piece now into it's different parts, resulting in ten individual tracks (which still are meant to be listened to in uninterrupted succession, of course...).

Last come the bonus tracks:
Two of them are directly related to the series - one is a remix of the second of the three new tracks of the 2012 version, the second is an early improvisation on my trusty Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer which belonged to the late "in between parts" of Sequenze und Konsequenz that were posted as an "afterthought" when the series slowly petered out after Part eight (I mentioned it above...).

But there's more:
Mindful that some listeners might view me from my recent releases more as a "traditional" space music musician (as opposed to the "contemporary ambient musician" I really am... ;-) ) and therefore perhaps expecting something different under the title "Sequenz and Konsequenz" I added some more brand new tracks for them which are maybe more in that vein.
Pleace note that some of them were recorded with a slightly humorous approach, some friendly puns intended... ;-)

In order to give You people a little bit of motivation to actually pay the moderate fee I ask for ;-) I chose to leave only the original recording streamable via the BandCamp player (after all, was publically available anyway...) - You'll get the extended 'rest' after purchasing the release...

However, please note that You can seperately download the bonus track "Along the Ditch - Alternate Mix" for FREE!

Here is the full track list:

Main Part I - Original Release (one long mix)

1. A Slow Walk Through Clear Air - Original 2007 Version 48:48

Main Part II - 2012 Version (split in sperate tracks, including new edits and three new pieces)

1. A Landscape In Bright Light 3:44
2. Crows And Cranes 5:33
3. Slowly Passing By 5:46
4. A Sort of Twinkle 6:53
5. Shards and Quirk 4:16
6. Earthworms and Barbed Wire 4:47
7. Along the Ditch 9:18
8. The Fragrance of Fertile Earth... 6:07
9. ...from a Plain of Fallow Fields 8:00
10. Unexpected Relevation 3:51

Bonus Tracks

1. Along the Ditch - Alternate Mix (free) 8:10
2. Theme from "Sequenz und Konsequenz" 16:04
3. Space Nuts 5:56
4. Sequencer Rehearsal 2009 7:14
5. The Questioning and Ordeal of Saint Ursula the Blonde - Bearable Mix 15:02
6. The Questioning and Ordeal of Saint Ursula the Blonde - Migraine Mix 20:31


released February 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Brückner Mainz, Germany

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, later settled down near Mainz.

Earns a living as a graphical designer.

Ambient and other electronica since 1992.

Accumulated an extended back catalogue (more than 90 albums by end of 2011, number still growing).

Since 2007 offers his music in the internet, via the usual platforms.

Sometimes gets reviews + airplay.

Very rarely plays live.

More is to come...
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