Squealing with Glee (Sequenz und Konsequenz II, VI and VII)

by Michael Brückner



A. General Introduction and "History Lesson"

The main body of the music contained in this release has (for a short time) been available earlier; actually, it was posted in one of my blogs on my old MySpace page, as the first part of a series entitled "Sequenz und Konsequenz".

I started this little side-project somewhere around late 2007, as an outlet of spontaneous music, and maintained it until summer 2008.
There were eight parts, each one remaining online until replaced by the next. Part eight turned out to be so well-received that I decided to release it as a "regular" album, resulting in "Days in the Sun".
Soon after, a couple of ill-concieved changes to MySpace eventually led to the decay of that platform's popularity, and especially with the blogs removed to a hidden corner, it didn't seem to make sense to continue the series.
However, there were still some 'minor parts' added later - mainly improvisations to bridge the waiting time until "Part 9" (which since then is lying dormant and unfinished on my hard disc...).

When I re-listened some of the original episodes in lat 2011, I felt large parts of the material are interesting enough to justify a proper release. So here we go...

I decided to give each of the original parts it's own title this time, while displaying it's origin in a subtitle.

Since all the Episodes were quite different from one another, each release will also have it's individual shape and structure.
They will have one thing in common though:
- all Episodes will be remastered and, if possible and necessary, remixed
- all releases will contain a wealth of additional tracks and/or variations, to (hopefully) make them interesting even for those (few) listeners that followed the original series back then...

B. About this specific release:

"Squealing with Glee" comes as the smallest and most insignificant parts of the "Sequenz und Konzequenz" series, and therefore is, actually, for free.

Nevertheless, I always had a special liking for "Sequnez und Konsequenz II" (the first four tracks of this album) - it always seemed kind of lighthearted, playful and careless in a positive way. I had already started to develop a somewhat restricting sense of responsibility towards (real or imgined) listeners with my more 'serious' album work: I hoped to meet certain "standards" with my albums and wanted them to be enjoyable and entertaining, too - at least to some degree.
With my little blog series, I didn't feel that resposibility and just went whereever my mood took me, sometimes having big fun in doing weird things, mixing "unmixable" styles, using harsh or otherwise extreme or streanous sounds...and these sorts of things.

So, in the second issue, I presented a bunch of tracks that go from something like experimental rock, over good-time Berlin School to cheerfully insane electronic ice bear joddles and an excursion to slightly darker sonic terretory. Honestly speaking, "The Tales of Mensk" always was a track I used to be "secretly proud" of, but listening to that very track while i type these words, I can't put my finger on why exactly...

The next two tracks come from "Seq + Konseq VII" and are to some degree, less attractive than the older ones, also they might sound rather traditional than experimental, but still they are - for my standards at least, when I recorded them: They were actually performed (more or less) live, something I did only vary rarely most of my "career", for two reasons: my Mac, as much as I still love to work with it, is too slow to allow to play complex arrangements in realtime without dropouts or crashing. But the hardware I then still was restricted to was poor, and trying to perform live with it neither sounded cool nor was any fun. However, it still was something I wanted to do one fine day, so time and again I had a go at it anyway, and in this case the outcome seemed nice enough to justify a presentation in my humble blog series.
Actually, "Nakoze" was the original live recording, and "Ekozan" is an edit of it, I reversed the basic track and played different overdubs on top of that.
"Seq+Konseq VII" also included a third track, which seperated the two "mirrored images" - I didn't included it, because, actually, I find it boring and poorly mixed with hindsight... ;-)

Track 7 actually was one long improvisation that formed "Seq+Konseq VI" - the "special" thing about it was that in that case I used the weighted keyboard of the (Sample-) Piano of my wife Cäcilia, which had some sort of influence on the actual music i played. I think I recorded four or five overdubs, all are (as You can easily hear) neither quantized nor otherwise edited. No "vital" track in any way, it still has passages that I like and only did once this way - for this reason, it is included here.

Along with these older recordings come four nice bonus tracks which come from some experiments with GarageBand I did during the past two years, slightly re-edited for this occasion, quite lovely and weird soundscapes that fit well to this album, especially to the first four tracks.

Thank You very much for Your attention, and I hope You'll enjoy the music! :-)

1. Shelmholtz
2. Squealing with Glee
3. Undefined Offending Command
4. The Tales of Menshk

(originally released as "Sequenz und Konsequenz II", early 2008)

5. Nakoze
6. Ekozan

(originally released as "Sequenz und Konsequenz VII", summer 2008)

7. The Beguiling Flower of Escobar Dreams, Sighs and Gently Nods her Head

(originally released as "Sequenz und Konsequenz VI", early summer 2008)


released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Brückner Mainz, Germany

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, later settled down near Mainz.

Earns a living as a graphical designer.

Ambient and other electronica since 1992.

Accumulated an extended back catalogue (more than 90 albums by end of 2011, number still growing).

Since 2007 offers his music in the internet, via the usual platforms.

Sometimes gets reviews + airplay.

Very rarely plays live.

More is to come...
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